Reeds Ferry Sheds

Reeds 10% Refund on now. All Reeds Ferry Sheds 10% off list price until the tax filing deadline, April 18th 2011.

Shed Removal: Reeds Ferry offers a shed removal service with the purchase of a new shed. We will disassemble and remove your old shed from your property for proper disposal. In most cases, removal occurs the same day we deliver and install your new Reeds Ferry shed. The cost for a standard shed removal is $6 per square foot. Call Reeds Ferry at 888-85-SHEDS for details.

Shed Relocation: Reeds Ferry has special equipment specifically designed to move small buildings without damaging the building or your landscape. If you are buying a new home and want to take your current shed with you, or if you’d like to move your shed to a different location in your backyard, call Reeds Ferry at 888-85-SHEDS and request a free estimate on our relocation service.

Display Models on Sale:Reduced pricing on various showroom displays. Limited availability. Call 888-857-4337 for details.