Reeds Ferry Sheds

To ensure a problem-free installation please read the following information. Your new building will provide you with decades of dependable service if care is exercised in the location and preparation of the building site. If you have any questions please call and ask.

  1. PERMITS are the responsibility of the property owner. Please check with your local building department right away for local requirements.
  2. Select the EXACT location for your new building PRIOR to the delivery date. Once you've selected the site, consider the following:
    1. Mark the site using stakes to locate the four corners of the building. FIGURE 1.

    2. A three (3) foot clear work area perimeter is necessary for our crews to place your building.
    3. The site must be FLAT and LEVEL. FIGURES 2 & 3
Frequently, customers assume because the ground is flat it is level. The building must be installed on a FLAT and LEVEL surface to function properly. 

To determine if your building location is level use a LINE LEVEL FIGURE 4 and check to see if there is a slope in the site.

Locate the highest corner point of the proposed building site and using the line level determine location irregularities. FIGURE 5 & 6

A LINE LEVEL can be purchased at most hardware stores or home centers for less than $2

From the stake at the highest point of the site (A) run a string to each of the other three stakes. A to D, A to C and A to B and check with a line level. The string should be tied snug to the ground on stake A (the high point). The distance between the string and the ground at stakes D,C and B must be six inches or less. If the distance is greater than six inches the site will need alterations.

If the proposed building location is more than six inches out of level the site will need to be altered to ensure it's FLAT and LEVEL before the building is delivered. Preparation should be completed at least a week (7 days) prior to delivery.

If the site is not FLAT and LEVEL there are several ways to alter the site.

  1. Fill the low areas with processed gravel or washed stone and bring up to a level grade. NOTE: Do Not use Top Soil (Loam or sand) for the base since it does not provide a stable enough base.

  2. The site may be altered by regrading the area. CUT out the higher area of the site. If the materials removed are unstable (Loam or sand) you may want to add some processed gravel or washed stone to the site. If the material cut from the slope is used for fill, locate the building on the cut portion of the site.

If the site is within the six (6) inch limitation we can shim the building using solid concrete blocks. CAUTION: Distances greater than twelve (12) inches can make the building unstable and unsafe. The site must be leveled.

If the building is to be constructed on concrete sono tubes or a concrete slab, the work must be completed at least five (5) days prior to delivery to allow for the proper curing time for the concrete. NOTE If you plan to install concrete sono tubes we will provide you with a FOOT PRINT drawing and instructions to assist you in the proper installation and alignment of the sono tubes.

The site must be clear of all debris including brush, stumps, animal waste and other impediments. Trees located in the general area must not have any branches hanging over the site closer than fourteen (14) feet from the ground.

PLEASE no building changes or modifications seven (7) days prior to delivery.

The owner (or owner's agent) must be on the premises on the date of installation.

Please allow for access for a truck as close as possible to the site.

Inclement weather may necessitate delivery delays. We will contact you to reschedule a new delivery date.

PLEASE provide trash receptacle (20 to 32 gallon trash can) for a small amount of construction debris roof shingle wrappers, trim cut off pieces and similar items.


  1. If the site has been improperly prepared and delivery and installation are impossible, an additional $100.00 (one hundred dollars) delivery fee will be charged.
  2. Any options not shipped with the initial order will require an additional delivery fee of $100.00 (one hundred dollars).

PLEASE CALL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS! Since 1960 Reeds Ferry Small Buildings has been providing superior quality products and exceptional service to our customers. In a highly competitive environment we've gone out of our way to satisfy our customers needs. We sincerely hope these directions will ensure a problem free installation that will give you decades of dependable service.


Footing Requirements
Please click on the links below view the proper footing size for your shed.