Reeds Ferry Sheds

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All of our sheds are assembled on site. As you can see, our delivery trucks are specifically designed for storage shed installations. Once on site we are completely "self-contained". All you have to do is approve the location of your new shed and watch our highly trained installation crew go to work.

A properly prepared base is very important! Here, the customer installed a 3/4" crushed stone base. Notice how they used the stone to help compensate for grade difference. Because each site is different, consult a Reeds Ferry sales representative to discuss what the best site preparation option is for your new shed.

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The floor is constructed on site. Notice the 2x6 pressure treated floor joist spaced 16" on center topped with heavy duty 5/8" underlayment plywood. This floor system is one of the most superior in the industry.
The walls are set into place. Each wall is constructed on highly sophisticated jigs at our manufacturing facility to ensure 100% accuracy.
Amazingly, when a Reeds Ferry building leaves our facility for your yard the doors, windows, and even the hardware are already installed!
Every Reeds Ferry small building is constructed with 2x4 spruce framing 16" on center in the walls and roof.
Now that the walls are standing, the end trusses are installed. Note the aluminum louvers which are standard in all Reeds Ferry end walls.
Reeds Ferry uses high quality machine pressed trusses spaced 16" on center. This ensures that snow load is something you will never have to worry about!
1/2" CDX roof sheathing is installed and topped with a high quality 25 year shingle with six different colors to choose from. We also offer an optional 30 year architectural shingle in four colors. Note the aluminum drip edge is installed on the front and rear of the roof. In addition, we run drip edge up the sides of the roof. This feature ensures a long lasting, weather tight roof!
The finished product! Completed in about three hours, this brand new 10x14 Vinyl Carriage Shed will provide a lifetime of use and enjoyment.